Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley


Bowling Alley

Donna has been given the control to decorate the bowling alley for tonight’s match. She seeks your help to do the same. She has asked you to make use of the remodel room decoration as sample and help her.


  1. uguaranosdasads says:

    LOL tried it . LOOKS BORING CRAP. THe game trailer looked bad. But the game was wo1e. I m not gonna play it.
    your right

  2. bluSPECTRE says:

    Great move! If there&1quo;s one pe1on who I whole-heartidly trust to run the Xbox division, it&1quo;s Phil. Can&1quo;t wait to see where he takes us!nOn a side note, I would have liked to see at least where Julie would have took the Xbox brand; unless it was just a temporary position due to Don&1quo;s departure.

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