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Moss Slider

Moss Slider


Moss Slider

Slide together the patch of Moss in three different sizes

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  1. Legion1183 says:

    I’ve been feeling the same for quite some time now. I should be excited about playing new games but every time a new title is released, although I getting that feeling that I can’t wait to play it its immediately shut down by the thought of “when the hell am I ever going to be able to play it with my ever-growing backlog?”nI have so many games that I would love to get into (the latest off the top of my head being AC: Syndicate, MGSV and Elite: Dangerous) but because they all require so much time to be invested into them I don’t allow myself to start them, which makes me angry/annoyed/sad. I wish I could go back to when fewer games were released, where I had so much more time that I would actually play games over and over because there was nothing else to play.nWhat I’ve been doing for the passed year is playing no more than two AAA titles along one or two racing sims such as ProjectCARS and the more recent DiRT Rally at the same time. That way I am able to keep track of what’s going on in each of the more story-based titles while also enjoying my “endless” racings games. This has really helped me to actually finish a game – something which I haven’t been able to do so often – before I get onto the next, however my backlog steadily grows larger and larger.nIt took me 6 months to actually get to play The Witcher 3 as I didn’t allow myself to purchase it until I finished DA: Inquisition. With The Witcher 3 main game complete I’ve only just started playing Tomb Raider (which I’m flying through quickly by mainly focusing on the main story) as well as Hearts of Stone DLC.nThere is the added advantage – by allowing myself only a couple of heavily story-based games at a time until complete – that by the time I get round to playing another game its usually on sale which mea1 I’m not breaking the bank. I also try to avoid any Steam/GOG/Humble Bundle sales unless there is a game on sale that I am going to immediately start.nTLDR;nWith so many releases these days I’m more depressed about not being able to play every new title than happy to be able to play any of them. As is the case with many othe1, my backlog grows larger each month. I allow myself two story-based games at the same time before starting anything new. Added bonus is that most games I eventually purchase are usually on sale by the I want to play them.

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