Ice Cream Frenzy 2

Ice Cream Frenzy 2


Ice Cream Frenzy 2

Lisa is back to run her own ice cream shop in three different stages, and only has 10 days before she will be allowed to open her own ice cream shop. upgrade the equipments and unlock all achievements. reach the daily goals to stay in business.rnrnControls:rnClick and hold mouse to drag the customer to the right order. click on the device you want to use.

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  1. derkaderpaderk says:

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    All in all, xone is a turd and ps4 is a polished turd.
    And Ps3 =/= Ps4 which is what you are implying. New generation new rules.
    Sony&1quo;s only REAL problem with the Ps3 was in fact and will always be the price tag issue. If it launched at 350$ or even a bit less than it did with the crazy 600$ price tag it would have done soooooooooo much better and have a player base the size of (larger or smaller not by much) the 360.
    I&1quo;m just gonna skip all this garbage and pour my money into a new PC. Because wether you like it or not. YOU ARE ALL JUST BUYING DOWNGRADED GAMING PC&1quo;s. (Though I may get one just for the exclusive titles which in a 6 month time will come to the pc for some stupid reason)

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