Match Puzzle Defense

Match Puzzle Defense


Match Puzzle Defense

Play this match-3 and tower defense hybrid and see how many waves of enemies you can outlast.

Use the mouse to select and move blocks. Optional keyboard shortcuts are M (mute), R (reset), and P (pause).

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  1. MidAir says:

    I have seen this game in the latest Extra credit episodes and they make some good points there that this game IS a huge risk, it wont be easy to balance and they dont go with an other fable like most companys would, but i think they can do it and when they do this will change the mindsets of a lot of companies out there, to take some risks and not stick with what works. And for everyone that dont know about win10, there are allmost no issues sofar and as people said above it is in a testphase right now and will be here end of this yeah i guess.

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