Chinese Dominoes

Chinese Dominoes


Chinese Dominoes

The rules of the game:rn1.If the player has the same cards with the banker, then the banker wins.rn2.If the player has the same points with the banker, then the one with the largest single card win the game.rn3.Double same card is larger than any other combinations.rn4.If player and banker all have double same card, then the one with larger single card win the game.rn5.Double “White Face” card is the largest of all.rn6.If the combination is One “White Face” and one other “points “ card, then total points is “points “ card + half point.


  1. sirjimbob says:

    What would JeffK think? :[n

  2. Polygonal says:

    Great article Chris. You&1quo;re lucky. I would love to be able to sit with a developer and talk about their game. It would probably give me a whole new pe1pective when playing their game.

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