Cross Fire Golden Eagle

Cross Fire Golden Eagle


Cross Fire Golden Eagle

You are given the best weapon in this task! There are three levels totally. Let enemies taste your awesome shooting skills!

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  1. Drake Curiel says:

    I&1quo;m sorry. . . But I have to object. . .nI know nobody likes the whole Brony vs Furry thing thats going on, so I&1quo;m not going to incite it. . .nAll the mlp porn came from furries that like mlp. Furries are also overly defe1ive. Sound familiar? ;]nThats a massive branding, which I highly doubt is true. The whole R34 situation is with every single fandom, you can&1quo;t label all of the Brony fandom&1quo;s R34 as another fandom&1quo;s fault. I&1quo;m not saying Furries have no R34, because they do. They really do.nAnd yeah, people from fandoms especially the niche ones, like the two mentioned before tend to stick together and protect each other, because they feel targetted. Which is partially true.nAlso, on another theme, this site is awesome, Mane6&1quo;s post on there site drew me here, and it&1quo;s nice to see a site thats actually moderated well and the people posting aren&1quo;t idiots. Its nice for a change ^^.nAlso I&1quo;m a fan of Luna I&1quo;m afraid, I feel this picture is on topic here :

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