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Melting Ice

Melting Ice


Melting Ice

You goal is to transport melting ice from one place to another before it melts. check your distance to travel at the bottom bar. You have limited time otherwise you fail.Upgrade your truck for more balance and speed.Have fun drive!rn

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  1. sergantsnipes05 says:

    Good lord game1 are hard to please. Does everybody realize that they have been demoing 7v7? This is 6v6. Gasp. So different from the game that everyone who has played, has raved about. Zampella, started COD, and frankly it hasn&1quo;t been the same since he left. This guy knows what he is doing, give the game a chance.nSeriously, this game is the same game they have been showing off from the beginning and now all of a sudden its going to suck? SMH

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