Santa Claus Maze

Santa Claus Maze


Santa Claus Maze

Can you help Santa Claus escape the maze, so he can deliver Christmas gifts to children around the world.


  1. Ugur says:

    Very well written article, enjoyed reading it a lot.nLayout/design of the page is great, too (only thing i didn&1quo;t like was that there was no preview image of the scree1hots/videos in those frame boxes).nOn Milo itself: It is a shame they haven&1quo;t released it. They should have at least released the prototype(s) as downloadable ve1ion clearly labelling them as alpha/beta/ rough cut. I (and many othe1) sure would have paid for that.nA shame to see all that innovation never be released.nIts also a shame how they earlier on (had to) cut some of the nicest sounding sides like that Milo could learn more by storing player reactio1/ paintings in the cloud. Shame something like that gets cut because of worries of people uploading dick images..the executives should have cared more about the vision than some people abusing the thing.nCome on Lionhead/MS, release the prototypes on xbox live or for pc in a rough cuts section.

  2. Agmaro says:


  3. Velcositro says:

    I want to be Xbalanque because I want to be Shinobalanque.

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