Awesome Pirates

Awesome Pirates


Awesome Pirates

Upgrade game. Turn-based shooter. Uses Box2d physics engine. In-game tutorial explains controls. 


Use “FGL Cheat” button in upgrades shop to open all levels and get some extra money.

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  1. Commander says:

    I am a big fan of Aeria Games then.I truly believe that they will be a great publisher of Bless Online.”troll”
    In short:Just no,please.That company it&1quo;s good only at taking money(which is what a good company need to do to be strong)but they lack support and they are not fair.I don&1quo;t want new games that appear to be taken hostage by Trion.
    In blah blah:Trion have a record of and it&1quo;s long.Oh and don&1quo;t forget for another cheap 20$ u can be patron so u can enjoy the game better.Well f.u.
    “But we pay to support our beloved company”.
    Well i already support by buying stuff from that stupid p2w shop.I don&1quo;t need to pay extra monthly for a f2p game.They want you to think oh but it&1quo;s optional but it&1quo;s not.They force you to buy it without you noticing.Best example(Archeage).
    I miss the “buy that fashion it&1quo;s awesome,mount waw,xp boost(well i don&1quo;t have all day long to play so…),changed how my skills look waw i definitely pay for that, maybe new animatio1?. Nice community, no seen hake1,nice and fair items in store maybe good support.I like that they are fair i support them.
    Now it&1quo;s like buy that to have more loot,buy that to place a house in game, have infinite labor,to remove the ah fees,to have more rewards,to teleport faster,buy that to be able to poop gold”joke”. For cheap price of 20$ a month.
    I wonder if i pay more the stronger i get(pays 2000$a few days later wow max lvl ultra duper items haha feel my wrath nubs.Well f..dat going to play some other games.Even your mentality changes and try to put more and more money into the game so u cannot leave.
    In the end u will pay real money to be better in a virtual game”some of us like that”.Not to pay real money to enjoy the game,compete with othe1 so u can be the best”not with money” but with actually playing that game and be got at it “that feel is awesome”
    So this is what i think of Trion Fa1, bunch of kids who only know paying is better,not competing.
    When u see f2p games with patron go away and play p2pgames or sub games if u like to pay.Better choice,community and maybe gameplay(got bored of gw2) but the money i pay worth it.
    That&1quo;s my story the end.

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